These are my stories, they make me sad, but it's a relief.


mother spit – carve 7.1

                carve whittles away the time. mother spit manages to create a field of sound that is absolutely alien. Noise, ambient, and drone come together to make a completely multi-dimensional piece without any attachment to conventional structure. This is an extremely exciting approach to the idea of what constitutes music. Evolution happens with such methodical precision that mother spit’s carve resembles an organic, living breathing creature than an outright piece of music. Sound remains firmly anchored in the digital world. 

                Picking out specific moments is a true challenge. When Brian Eno came out with ‘Discreet Music’ he never realized how discreet it could get. So starved is the piece from any human interaction that even the smallest tidbits of what could be considered recognizable are latched onto. A place silent enough to fully appreciate it does not exist. During parts of it comes close to resembling an amplified version of Richard Chartier’s near-silent works. Tiny moments of it appear to sound akin to environment noise heavily treated. However without any outright recognition it is impossible to tell. 

                With this piece mother spit achieves a perfect clean piece of work. If freedom ever had a soundtrack it would be this, simply perfectly formed fields of gray sound. Melodic influences have been scrubbed clean to reveal a perfect churning industrial vibe. Few musicians have ever gone this far in taking away what makes human music sound human. When computers meditate they sound like carve.